Free Estimates

At Dream Team Collision, all estimates are free. We do our estimates by appointment-only in order for us to plan ahead and focus all of our attention on you and your vehicle’s needs. We are a smaller shop so we schedule estimates to maintain control of our volume. The average estimate can take up to 30 minutes depending on the type and amount of damage. Estimates are completed using state-of-the-art and industry-leading software. All visible damage is assessed as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Based on today’s vehicle designs and technology, there is always a chance hidden damage can be found, causing your estimate to change. It is impossible to provide a 100% accurate estimate until exterior panels are removed, part prices and availability are verified, and structural and mechanical components are thoroughly inspected. We do our absolute best to give fair, honest, and accurate quotes the first time, but we never assume damage until it can be seen. Click the link to schedule an appointment and let us see what we can do for you. We only repair vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years and we do not repair vehicles that are declared a total loss. If you already have an estimate from your insurance company, still schedule an appointment with us and bring the copy of your insurance estimate and check with you. We will thoroughly review their quote and determine if there will be any changes. Oftentimes their estimate will change, whether there is hidden damage found or a difference of opinion with the repair process. Like the owner says, “Insurance companies do not fix cars, they pay to have cars fixed.” If there are any differences, we will work directly with your insurance company to cover any additional charges to get your vehicle repaired correctly and as timely as possible.

Collision Repair

At Dream Team Collision, Inc., we specialize in all aspects of collision repair for your vehicle.  Along with body and paint, all work associated with the repair will be completed including accident-related mechanical work (ie. airbag replacement, suspension damage and four wheel alignments), frame damage, and a/c and cooling damage.  All insurance companies are welcome.  We focus on vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years.  We can accommodate all makes and models, foreign and domestic.  Dream Team Collision is even equipped to repair aluminum properly!  All collision repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship as long as you own your vehicle, unless otherwise stated.  Please note, we do not do restoration work or repair vehicles with heavy rust and corrosion damage, custom body kits, and custom paint.  We do not do service or mechanical work outside of a collision repair and we do not do state inspections.  We work hard to complete all repairs in a very timely fashion, but we do not believe in rushing a repair if it means sacrificing quality.  We will give you an accurate timeline for completion but unfortunately we cannot guarantee an exact completion date for several reasons such as the complexity of modern vehicle designs and components, the potential for hidden damage, part delays, weather delays, insurance company delays, and any other unforeseen circumstances.  Rest assured, we will keep you updated on the status of your repair and notify you of any changes that may occur.  Please note, our facility is under 24 hour surveillance and we are properly insured for your vehicle’s security and protection.  Whether you are using an insurance company, or paying out of pocket, choose Dream Team Collision and let us show you why we are the best in the game. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Cosmetic Damage Repair

You don’t have to be involved in an accident to use our services. It’s quite common for vehicles to have some sort of cosmetic damage that requires attention from the experts. Some cosmetic repairs can still fall under an insurance claim or can be paid for out of pocket. As with all repairs, we focus on vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years. Examples of cosmetic damage includes minor dings and dents, bumper scuffs, key scratches, and weathered exterior trim. We can even tackle yellowed and faded headlamps, cracked windshields, and curb-scraped alloy wheels. We can perform such services alongside your collision repair while your vehicle is in the shop or you can schedule separately. Just let us know what you need done and we will prepare you an accurate estimate so you know the cost. We will try our best to work within your budget. We do not repair vehicles with heavy rust or corrosion, custom body kits, or custom paint work. If you have an area on your vehicle you would like fixed, simply click our link or call to schedule an appointment with us today!

Paint and Refinishing

Along with paint work associated with collision damage, we also focus on cosmetic painting and repairs. This can include minor damage such as a ding or a scratch, painting a faded hood or roof, or painting your entire vehicle. These types of cosmetic repairs can also be handled by your insurance company or out-of-pocket depending on the scenario. All painting is done in-house. Paint is mixed and matched using a state-of-the-art, industry-leading computerized paint mixing system. We only spray environmentally-friendly waterborne paint in our top-of-the-line Garmat spray booth. We focus on vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years. We do not do custom paint, heavy rust repair, or color changes. For an overall paint job, there can be intensive labor involved and the price can vary. The typical starting price for a complete paint job is $3,000. Whether the price will increase depends on the type of vehicle, the current condition of the body and paint, and the vehicle color and options. We can offer you different pricing options with different warranty terms depending on your budget and preferences. We do limit the drop-off appointments of complete paint jobs to keep all production flow timely and accurate for our customers. Just click on Schedule an Appointment and let us see what we can do for you!

Frame and Unibody Repair

Depending on the severity of a collision, frame or unibody damage can occur. Think of the frame or unibody (design specific to your vehicle ) as the structure or foundation of a house. The structure has to be right for everything else to line up. But don’t let misinformation and rumors scare you. This damage is correctable, whether it requires straightening or replacement of components.  We use a top-of-the-line Chief frame bench and a state-of-the-art computer measuring system to correct such damage back to factory specs. Rest assured that the integrity of your vehicle structure will be restored back to its original pre-accident condition. Be aware that frame and unibody damage can be quite costly to repair depending on the severity. Please note, we only do frame work on complete repairs from start to finish. We do not do frame pulling as a stand-alone job and we do not repair vehicles that are declared a total loss. So whether you are paying out pocket for your repairs, or working with an insurance company, we have the capability to get the foundation of your vehicle right the first time.

Glass Work

An accident can cause glass damage such as a broken door glass or a cracked windshield. Even if your vehicle wasn’t involved in an accident, we can still repair or replace your glass as necessary. At Dream Team Collision, we can install door glass on all makes and models up to 15 years old. We will remove all broken glass debris from inside your vehicle and door frame. If there was window tint on your glass, we will have that replaced to match as well. As for windshields, we use only the best locally owned glass company to supply and install your windshield and all replacement work comes with a lifetime warranty, as long as you own your vehicle unless otherwise specified. Windshields are considered parts of your vehicle’s structure. We’ve seen too many vehicles with improper windshield replacements from other companies that are now rusting, corroding, and leaking. Additional charges may apply to correct these types of damages. When it comes to windshields, don’t sacrifice quality. Only use the best! All glass work completed at Dream Team Collision will be scheduled by appointment. Glass is not kept in stock based on the infinite number of parts, styles, manufacturers, and options so it will have to be ordered in advance. Most glass will arrive same day or next day. Click our link or give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) / Hail

Paintless dent removal, or PDR as it’s known, is a specialized method of removing small dings and dents in outer body panels of your vehicle without having to disturb the exterior finish, saving significant time and money. This method can be utilized for insurance repairs and out-of-pocket repairs. This is also a common repair method for hail claims. A successful PDR will result in making the former dings completely undetectable. Whether you have one unsightly door ding or a roof with multiple hail or acorn dings, paintless dent removal may be an option for you. Not all dings or dents will qualify. It depends on the size of the ding, the amount of dings, the location, and the type of material that the affected panel is made from. This will not work for dings or dents to plastic bumper covers. There are several benefits to PDR such as cost savings over traditional repair, the ability to maintain the factory finish, faster turnaround time, and limited intrusion and invasiveness to your vehicle.  We use only the best local specialist for this procedure and you will only be charged if the dings can be removed. Just schedule an estimate appointment so we can see the vehicle and determine if this option will work for you.

Wheel Repair

Do you have unsightly curb scrapes around the edges of your wheels? At Dream Team Collision, we can take care of that for you. There are several factors which will determine if a wheel is repairable, such as style, material, and extent of damage. The most common type of wheel and also the most repairable option is the standard painted aluminum wheel. The chrome and machine-faced wheels are typically not repairable and require replacement. Schedule an appointment with us so we can see what needs to be done for your vehicle. We will determine if it’s best to repair and paint your wheel in-house or use the best local wheel repair company to fix your damage, depending on the type of damage and what’s most cost effective for you. If your wheel needs to be replaced, there are companies who sell like-new reconditioned factory wheels at a fraction of the cost of the dealer. We will give you options and let you decide what is best within your budget and preferences.

Pin Striping

Whichever type of repair, collision or cosmetic, often there is a need to reapply pin stripes. Even if your vehicle hasn’t been involved in an accident and you want to add stripes to your vehicle, Dream Team Collision can get it done. Pin stripes are most commonly applied with tape but some are done with paint. We use the absolute best local stripe vendors depending on whether it’s tape or paint. There’s an endless choice of colors, styles, and sizes that will be matched up to your vehicle. Beyond stripes, we can also apply decals, clear bras, clear stone guards, blackout tape around door frames, door edge guards, and wheel opening moldings. If it was on your vehicle before your accident, it will be reapplied accordingly. If you’d like to add something to your vehicle, be sure to let us know during your scheduled appointment.


If you have your collision damage repaired at Dream Team Collision, we will automatically give your vehicle’s interior a standard cleaning and wash the exterior for you at no extra charge. At times, and on a case-by-case basis, we can offer some exclusive detailing options including interior cleaning, exterior wash, wax, polish, and buffing. Detailing can be very labor-intensive depending on the type of vehicle and condition it’s in, so we only schedule based on our current work load. We will only detail vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years.  While you have your vehicle in for repairs, please feel free to check with us and let us know what you are looking for when it comes to vehicle detailing and we’ll be glad to offer our expert advice. Pricing will vary depending on the job.

Headlamp Restoration

Along with standard detailing, Dream Team Collision can correct faded and yellowed headlamps. Most headlamp lenses today are made of plastic and often can quickly turn yellow and cloudy from exposure to the sun and the elements. Most of the time, you do not have to replace your lamps. Lamps are typically sold as complete assemblies and can be very expensive. There is a step-by-step process of wet sanding and buffing that can erase that hazy appearance off your headlamp lenses and restore that clear appearance for maximum headlamp efficiency. If you are wanting to improve the look of your headlamps or you are due for a state inspection, be sure to schedule an appointment for your headlamp restoration today. Pricing will vary depending on the condition of your lamps, but typically starts at $50.00 per headlamp.

Tow Assistance

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and is no longer safely drivable, give Dream Team Collision a call.  We can arrange the pickup of your vehicle from any location in the area using the best local tow company.  We will arrange pickup of your vehicle based on your schedule and what’s most convenient for you.  Most likely this charge will be covered by your insurance company.  If not, or if you are paying out of pocket, we will get your vehicle towed at a discounted price.  When your vehicle arrives to our shop, we will prepare an honest and accurate appraisal of your vehicle’s damage and give you a timeline for your repairs.  Please note, we will need your written authorization to pull your vehicle into our shop and remove exterior components to get full visibility of the damaged areas.

Rental Assistance

When you’re vehicle is at our shop for repairs, you may need a rental vehicle for day-to-day transportation until your vehicle is ready for pickup. The average repair can take 3-5 days but more severe damage could take up to a few weeks to fix. Let Dream Team Collision help you set up your rental reservation. If you have rental transportation coverage on your insurance policy, your insurance company will pay for the rental car for the duration of the repairs or until you reach your policy maximum. If you do not have rental coverage, we can still arrange a rental pickup for you at our shop at a discounted price from one of the rental industry’s leading companies. We typically use Enterprise or Hertz.