Frame and Unibody Repairs

Frame and Unibody Repair

Depending on the severity of a collision, frame or unibody damage can occur.  Think of the frame or unibody (design specific to your vehicle) as the structure or foundation of a house.  The structure has to be right for everything else to line up.  But don’t let misinformation and rumors scare you.  This damage is correctable, whether it requires straightening or replacement of components.  We use a top-of-the-line Chief frame bench and a state-of-the-art computer measuring system to correct such damage down to the millimeter of factory specifications.  Rest assured that the integrity of your vehicle structure will be restored back to its original pre-accident condition. We only work on vehicles manufactured within the last 15 years.  Be aware that frame and unibody damage can be quite costly to repair depending on the severity.  So whether you are paying out of pocket for your repairs, or working with an insurance company, we have the capability to get the foundation of your vehicle right the first time.   Feel free to click our link to message us with any questions or set an appointment with us for an estimate when you are ready.