The Game Plan

1. Vehicle Damaged

– If you were involved in an accident, the first step is to make sure everyone is ok.

– Decide whether you want to go through an insurance company or pay out of pocket for your repairs.  If you are unsure about filing an insurance claim, schedule an estimate with us first to see how much the repairs will cost before notifying your insurance company.

– If you decide to go through an insurance company, notify them first.  They may accept our estimate, but they may write their own estimate.  If they do, we will use their estimate as a starting point for assessing the damage.

– Verify your policy and deductible amount (if applicable) with your insurance company.  Determine if you have or need rental car coverage while your vehicle is being repaired.

2. Contact DTC to Schedule Estimate or Arrange Tow

– To schedule an estimate appointment, click the link on our website or Facebook page, or simply give us a call at 757-689-4949.

– If you feel your vehicle is not safely drivable, call us so we can schedule your vehicle to be picked up from its location and towed to our shop.  If you drive it in for your appointment and would rather leave it with us, that may also be an option.

– If you already have an estimate from an insurance company, make sure to bring a copy of it with you when you come for your appointment.

3. Receive Estimate and Schedule Drop Off

– Arrive at shop for your estimate appointment.

– The estimate on your vehicle is prepared using state-of-the-art software.  You will receive a thorough and accurate estimate.  Estimate amounts are subject to change once the vehicle is brought into the shop for repairs if additional hidden damage is found.

– If you have an insurance estimate, we will review it and determine if any changes need to be made (hidden damage, additional damage, parts, etc.).

– After the estimate, if you wish to proceed, we will schedule a drop-off date for your repairs to begin.

– In the meantime, we will pre-order any necessary parts (a deposit may apply if not going through an insurance company).

– If your vehicle is towed in, we will require a signed authorization to bring vehicle into shop for estimate.  We will complete the estimate as soon as possible based on our current workflow.

4. Drop Off Vehicle

– Arrive at our shop to drop off your vehicle as scheduled.

– We will have an authorization form for your to sign.

– If you are going through an insurance company, we will need their authorization for the cost of repairs.

– We can assist you in getting a rental vehicle for transportation if needed.  Enterprise and Hertz are the two most common companies used.

– If your vehicle was towed in, we will write an estimate, order parts, and start the repair process after your authorization is confirmed.  We will work in your vehicle as quickly as possible based on our current workflow.

5. Vehicle Disassembled for Full View of Damage

– Your vehicle will be assigned to a technician to disassemble exterior panels if necessary so we can thoroughly inspect for hidden damage (structural, mechanical, additional parts, etc.).

– If hidden damage is found, we will notify you of our findings and any additional cost that may apply.  This may also require the insurance company to reinspect and authorize before continuing repairs.

– If additional parts are needed, they will be ordered once authorization is confirmed.   The scheduled completion date is subject to change based on hidden damage found and additional parts needed.

6. Structural and Mechanical Repairs

– If there is any structural or mechanical damage, these repairs will most likely occur first depending on the scenario.

– Frame or unibody repairs will be made on our state-of-the-art Chief E/VHT Impulse frame pulling machine.

– All collision-related mechanical work will be completed including airbags, suspension, a/c, cooling, and electrical.  Some of these mechanical items may be completed later in the repair process depending on part availability and order of operations when assembling the vehicle.

7. Body Repairs

– Once any necessary structural or mechanical work is completed, your vehicle will move into the body repair stage.

– Exterior panels will be repaired or replaced according to the estimate.

– Sheet metal is test-fitted for proper alignment and appearance.

– All final detrimming is completed to get the vehicle ready for paint.  This typically includes moldings, handles, mirrors, gaskets, and emblems.

8. Paint Preparation and Refinishing

– Once body repairs are completed, the vehicle will head into the paint shop for final preparation.  Preparation is the key to a quality and long-lasting job.

– Exterior and interior jambs are taped and masked while the rest of the vehicle is covered in a slimy coating to prevent overspray (this coating is water-based and will turn into soap when the vehicle is being washed).

– Panels are cleaned, prepped, primed, and sealed properly.

– Vehicles are painted inside of our state-of-the-art Garmat Frontier paint booth.

-We use environment-friendly waterborne paint, an advanced computer color matching system, and high quality Spies Hecker paint manufactured by Axalta.  Color and clear coat are applied.

– The vehicle will go through a bake cycle to heat and dry the paint so it will be ready for reassembly.

9. Reassembly

– Once paint work is completed, the vehicle is unmasked, checked over, and returned back to the body technician.

– The technician puts the interior trim, exterior panels, and exterior trim back together as required for the job.

– Certain mechanical work that may still need to be completed will usually happen at this time such as a/c recharge, airbag system reset, wiring repair, or check engine light reset.

10. Sublet Work

– Special procedures may require the use of a sublet vendor such as stripe tape, urethaned glass install, four wheel alignments, window tinting, spray bed liners, or dealer specific mechanical work and system resets.

– All sublet work is coordinated with the top local vendors in the area and are part of the limited lifetime warranty, unless otherwise stated.

11. Clean and Detail

– Once your vehicle is reassembled and all necessary sublet work is completed, your vehicle will go into our clean up department.

– Each vehicle interior is cleaned and vacuumed and wiped down.

– Wheels are cleaned, the exterior is hand-washed, and interior glass is cleaned.

12. Quality Control Final Inspection

– After clean up, every vehicle is given a final quality inspection to go over the repair in detail.

– All lights and systems are checked for proper functioning.

– We may polish or buff specific areas as necessary.

– If structural or mechanical work was completed, we will test-drive the vehicle to make sure it is operating properly.

13. Receive Notification that Vehicle is Ready

– When your vehicle is ready, we will call you directly (we can also text or email if you prefer) to make arrangements for pick up.

– Your vehicle must be picked up within 3 business days of notification before a storage charge of $20/day will apply.

– If you live within a couple of miles of our shop and you are not able to pick up your vehicle due to special or unforeseen circumstances, we may be able to deliver the vehicle to you.  Please let us know if these arrangements need to be made and if you are close enough to our shop to qualify.

14. Pick Up Vehicle and Review with DTC

– Once you’ve received notification that your vehicle is ready, arrive at our shop during normal business hours for pick up.

– If you received a rental car from our recommended Hertz or Enterprise branch, you will most likely be able to leave your rental car with us when you pick up your vehicle.  If you used a branch outside of our area, you may be required to return your rental first, and a representative from the rental company will transport you to our shop.

– When you arrive, you will receive final paperwork including your invoice.

– If you have a deductible or owe any outstanding money for the repair, payment in full is required before we will release the vehicle.

– We will gladly walk you to your vehicle and review the repairs of your vehicle in detail and answer any questions you may have.

– All repairs complete with a limited lifetime warranty unless otherwise stated.

So you’ve got damage to your vehicle.  Whether you were involved in a collision or your vehicle has cosmetic damage, we understand the entire experience can seem stressful and inconvenient. Rest assured, we are here to help! Dream Team Collision, Inc. will get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition in a timely manner so that you can get back to your daily routine quickly and smoothly. All major insurance companies welcome. Our roster is complete with experts who will eliminate the stress and worry of having your vehicle repaired. We will explain the details of the repair, keep you updated on the status, answer any questions you have, and review your vehicle with you when it is completed. We have formulated a step-by-step game plan of the average repair so you know what to expect when choosing us for your repair needs. Every vehicle and every claim is different so there may be fewer steps or there may be some additional steps depending on your specific situation.   Following this game plan together will guarantee another victory and make you a fan of Dream Team Collision in no time!